Our Approach to Training

Our Approach To Training

The Propeller approach to training is to work as a partner in order to produce a tailored and delegate friendly training programme that supplements a client’s drive towards business strategy and goals.

When designing a development and growth training project, we view the content as being “live” and therefore subject to change. This policy necessitates a close and strong working relationship and regular communication with key stakeholders in order to develop material before the agreed sign off date.

Central to our success is our ability to identify training requirements within an organisation and to build relevant solutions that address these requirements. Propeller’s account managers are careful to ensure that they do not make assumptions with regard to training needs, but they will more than likely have seen similar challenges in other companies.

Our unique proposition is that we know that for training to be truly successful, it must have specifically relevant content, delivered in an effective way to the appropriate people at the right time. The planning that we undertake prior to delivery enables us to make this scenario more likely.

Whether for a one day training course or an annual training programme, our approach remains the same:

  1. Consult - we take a detailed brief.
  2. Understand - the business, the delegate group, the business objectives.
  3. Tailor - make content specific and work with stakeholders.
  4. Deliver - fresh trainers giving inspiring and enjoyable content.
  5. Analyse - provide feedback and coach.