Our Trainers

At Propeller we take great pride in the quality and substance of our trainers. Each of them has extensive business experience in a relevant field in addition to their years of training; and brings to the training room an understanding, flexible and pragmatic approach that only true practitioners have.

In order to ensure that our training content is kept up to date and that our trainers remain fresh and energised we limit each trainer’s delivery to a maximum of three days per week. As far as we know we are the only training company in the UK to do this and our clients truly appreciate this quality over quantity approach to our training delivery.

  • Philippa


    Philippa began her career within the HR department at Accenture where she managed teams of HR professionals delivering HR Services to groups of up to 1000 employees. More recently, Philippa became the HR Director of a medium sized consultancy firm with offices in 5 European capitals. Working with the CEO she founded an HR strategy which built a coherent culture in a company formed through merger.

  • Kyle


    Kyle has a strong background with the DMGT group where his roles included Managing Director for international acquisitions. This involved delivering boardroom presentations and setting up businesses worldwide.

    As Propeller’s Director of Sales, Kyle has up to date experience in the issues addressed in his courses.

  • Cathy


    Cathy is an Accredited Professional Coach (IIC & M) and Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) specialising in the SME sector. With over 15 years’ experience of managing and coaching both individuals and teams, Cathy has a natural talent for getting the most out of people; increasing their performance, motivation and effectiveness by helping them expand their awareness, think for themselves and focus on their primary goals.

  • Karen


    Karen is a Business Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant with over 20 years experience working with organisations at all levels, in the UK, Europe and USA. Skilled in creating behavioural change in individuals and teams, she has worked with executive teams through to first-line team leaders. She has a real passion for developing dynamic leadership capability and positive, coaching-centred Performance Management - where the accent is on results and achievement. She is an Advanced Coach in Thomas International Psychometrics and an NLP Practitioner.

  • Ted


    Ted specialises in Commercial Skills training; the practical application of financial thinking to the operational and strategic challenges faced by clients. His courses are practical and aim to be as relevant as possible to each company; by using their accounts, the accounts of their competitors, clients and suppliers where necessary.

  • Robin


    Robin has been developing and facilitating leadership and management developemnt for over twenty years. His breadth of experience with clients in all sectors gives him an excellent background for developing innovative, powerful and effective training. he specialises in client-centred solutions that achieve practical results.

    A captivating speaker and trainer. His interpersonal and natural communication skills induce a relaxed and productive atmosphere in his programmes

  • Monica


    With over 15 years experience as a Learning & Development consultant, Monica enjoys the whole training process from analysing client needs, to designing/delivering the solutions, to evaluating the levels of success, to providing post-training support. She readily adapts materials and her style to different audiences from any industry or sector. As an ever-energetic course facilitator, Monica challenges people to think differently and uses imaginative ways of encouraging course delegates to link the learning to their business objectives. She provides substantial course content in an interactive, enjoyable format.

  • Hilary


    Hilary’s passions are continuous learning, inspiring leadership, motivational management, great communication and high performance team-work.

    He is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, holds an Executive MBA from London Business School, an MA (cantab) from Cambridge, and is certified in: Coaching & Mentoring, NLP, Belbin, DISC Facilitation and 360–degree survey design. His approach is tailored, down-to-earth, pragmatic and solution-focused.

  • Zak


    Zak Khan is a leadership and communication skills trainer with over 11 years of commercial delivery experience.

    Prior to specialising as a learning and development consultant, Zak worked in the telecoms industry in a management role and then as a full time trainer. During that time, he was instrumental in successfully designing and delivering a complete training portfolio of management, personal development and product training courses.