Case Studies

Innovise Case Study

The Brief

Innovise are one of Europe’s leading facilities management software houses. They also have an increasingly large Enterprise service management practice.

The company has expanded rapidly both through organic growth and acquisition. The Managing Director of the software division Graeme Hughes wanted to ensure a uniform level of quality amongst his sales and key account management teams, many of whom had worked for the businesses that Innovise had acquired. There were also specific improvement areas of note including account profiling, questioning and time management.

The Training Solution

Propeller appointed a tandem training team that brought a variety of differing expertise to the table. They initially carried out a needs analysis. This process obtained more clarity about the client’s requirements. For example, there was sometimes a tendency to omit important questions from the sales process around qualification. It also transpired that the account managers could be closer to their organisations. The trainers then crafted a 12 month sales development programme that imaginatively combined sales mastery, personal development and business psychology.

The syllabus was designed to incorporate Innovise specific case studies, interactive training as well as live phone work. During the phone sessions, one of the trainers was able to listen in on live sales calls and offer clear and specific feedback on key improvement areas.

Individual action plans were then designed for each participant with specific tasks that had to be completed prior to the next stage of the programme. This prompted honest discussions about how key sales tools could be adapted in line with the client’s requirements.

The Result

A key output has been that both teams are now far more realistic about their sales forecasting. This was initially a tough wake up call for the salespeople but it has allowed them to look for new higher quality prospects by working more efficiently at the front end of the sales process.

Account profiling has also radically improved. Account managers now have a keener eye for the opportunities inherent within their client base and have a stock process for ensuring that they know what they want out of each call.

Both teams have also got far tougher about how they deal with industry specific objections that have fallen out of the workshops that Propeller have run.

Now that the two teams are performing well, Propeller has handed back to Innovise’s in house trainers and is now focussing its attention on the telesales division where it has a clear mandate for raising productivity and the amount of appointments made.