Case Studies

PFPR Communications Case Study

The Challenge

Propeller was engaged by PFPR Communications, the UK’s leading automotive PR Agency in order to support their commercial activities, particularly in the area of pitching for business. The client is an industry leader who has won several high profile awards.

As a leader in their field, PFPR Communications had developed a winning formula with a proven return on investment for their clients. The leaders of the company had the self knowledge to realise that when they presented this proven paradigm to a potential new client, some team members did not convey their enthusiasm, passion or energy. Feedback from one pitch had been that their presentation had been less then inspiring.

The Solution

Propeller partnered with the Senior Management Team and carried out an audit of their pitching activities. This was done through key interviews with seniors of the organisation. It was observed that although some members of the pitching team were more naturally extroverted then others, everybody had a likeable and engaging personality in their own right therefore the training intervention should be powerful albeit simple. The two main outcomes were-

  1. Rather then hiding behind PowerPoint, allowing people to come across as themselves and let their passion for developing and delivering successful PR campaigns do the rest.
  2. Profoundly answering the client’s ‘What’s in it for me?’ question whenever presenting.

A training programme was then delivered by Propeller that allowed this process to happen.

The Result

At their first post-training pitch the Senior Management Team realised how totally relaxed and confident they were, sharing their vision for the client in a measured and interactive way. They duly won the business. Their marketing efforts during the previous twelve months had created a glut of similar pitches that they also won, growing in confidence all the time. As well as significantly growing profit and turnover, the training also helped to increase team working as well as nurturing new ideas.

Commenting on the delivery, PFPR Chairman, Peter Frater commented-

“I have to say that the two sessions we’ve had with Propeller are the only ones I’ve been through (over many years with various training companies) where I truly feel that they’ve significantly changed my way of behaving and in turn therefore actually made a difference to our business. Thank you for a great start to what I see as a long and very worthwhile relationship. I have no doubt that we can continue developing the business with your support”.

Propeller is now delivering a management development programme that takes into account the new needs of this rapidly expanding business.