Case Studies

Executive Offices Group Case Study

The Brief

Executive Offices Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of high quality serviced offices and meeting rooms. The Group operates four unique brands, providing a flexible working environment for customers who need high quality office accommodation with the support of a professional business centre team.

Dedicated to the smooth running of their customers’ businesses, the in-house business support teams at Executive Offices Group are highly trained and supported throughout their careers by the Group’s in house training programme.

Despite doing most training in-house, Executive Offices Group recently approached Propeller to design some bespoke training for Managers, focusing on key management issues including motivating and training staff and delivering outstanding service in line with the Group’s core values.

The Solution

Propeller designed and delivered a two part course giving Managers tools for being more assertive and dealing with difficult behaviours in a professional manner.

The programme combined an insight into how to change management style in response to the different personality types and needs of one’s team as well as best practice for delivering difficult feedback and gaining compliance from strong personality types.

An essential part of the programme was also role playing the delivery of difficult messages with the trainer offering participants specific feedback on how they could make their requests for staff improvement more direct and relevant.

Eighteen months later, a top up programme was designed that combined the imparting of a couple of new conflict management techniques with some personal coaching where participants could identify and move beyond their self imposed limitations. By working at the level of beliefs and self perception

Propeller assisted the participants in having major breakthroughs around how they viewed themselves and their managerial delivery.

The Result

The feedback from the course delegates has been excellent, with many Managers feeling more confident within their roles. As well as feeling great about going to work, participants have found it easy to put Propeller’s recommendations into practice and have noticed that they are commanding more respect from their team members and are finding it easier to achieve the high levels of customer service delivery that Executive Offices Group strives for.

The Feedback

Executive Offices Group has worked with Propeller for a number of years, outsourcing some high level training requirements that we were not able to accommodate in house. In that time, I have been impressed with the company, and the genuinely professional, friendly and empathetic character of the team.






DN, Training Executive


The majority of work has required bespoke course content and a sincere understanding of not only the issue at hand, but the core values of Executive Offices Group. Overall, the attention to detail and delivery of the course materials are always spot on and have given me a lot of confidence in Propeller’s abilities. We consistently receive excellent feedback from staff who have attended Propeller’s courses, and are genuinely impressed with the results.