Management Training Courses

Recruitment Interviewing and Selection

Learn to attract, assess and select the right candidates to drive your organisation forward.

Key Skills

  • Employment law and its application to interviewing
  • Defining requirements for the job and the job holder
  • Preparing to interview
  • Building rapport with the candidate
  • Interview structure and timing
  • Competency based questioning techniques
  • Gathering evidence
  • Making the right choice
  • Effective follow up

Course Benefits

The recruitment interview is by far the most common method of selecting staff. However, unstructured interviews completed by untrained staff offer no validity for predicting job performance.

Propeller’s Recruitment Interviewing and Selection training course will help delegates to firstly understand what they are looking for, then to devise and deliver effective questions in order to build up an unbiased set of evidence on the candidate’s competence in relevant areas.

After the course, delegates will be able to maintain control of the interview with confidence, generating a positive and professional impression to candidates and selling the organisation to potential new recruits.

Winning the “war for talent” is crucial to your company’s success. With this course, delegates will be equipped with the techniques they need to make the right decisions.

Great energy and easily the best training session I have attended to date. Would definitely recommend Propeller!”

ADA, Paul Robinson, Sales Course

Hugo was incredibly engaging and got the whole group thinking about where they can improve from the beginning. Very motivating and very clear guidance!”

Focus PR, Victoria Rhodes, Personal Development Course

Excellent! The course really built confidence and improved techniques on how to plan and prepare for presentations. Thank you!”

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Alex Bagdadi, Presentation Course

Very interesting and insightful course. Lots of handy tips that I will certainly be putting into practice back at work!”

Garlik UK, Jayne Sankoh-Beacom, Personal Development Course

Great course, very interesting insight mixed with valuable learning. I learnt more in the first hour than I have at previous one day courses!!”

Business Agility, Anthony Harrison, Sales Course

This is one of the best courses I've done in my time at Discovery, showing the notable results with the potential for obvious immediate application. I've already recommended this course to my team.”

Discovery Networks, Senior Manager, Presentation Skills

The course met our needs perfectly and gave the group lots of food for thought. Thanks for a great day - we can't wait to use what we have learnt!”

Cineworld, Stuart Holdsworth, Management Course

The trainer was very organised, inspiring and knew how to engage with the group. I will certainly apply the new techniques I have learnt today.”

Maki Benvenuto, Executive Offices, Conflict Management Skills

Really interesting and full of great content! Enthusiastically delivered! Thanks!”

Kids Company, Tatty Sloane, Management Course

Excellent and inspiring. Lots of food for thought and never a dull moment!”

Angela Williams, Bounce Sales & Marketing, Key Account Management

An excellent training session with some extremely useful and practical pointers to take forward. The workshop was pitched at exactly the right level fr our business needs.”

Jonathan Bawden, Portfolio Communications, Professional Sales Skills

I thought I was a good negotiator before attending the course - now I know I was mediocre and have the skills to become an excellent negotiator, Thanks Propeller!”

Innovia Films, Fiona Macintyre, Negotiation Course